Founded in 2016, Community Productions exists to promote and produce live performance arts activity in the Central Maine region. Founders, Dick Dyer and Gary Poulin, believe that by promoting and producing quality performing arts experiences, our communities will be spiritually and economically improved.

Our Facebook Page serves as a vehicle for arts organizations in the area to promote what they are doing by announcing their shows and sharing great information about those upcoming performances. Please help us promote all the arts in Maine through this forum.

Our Shows

Community Productions works closely with non-profit organizations in order to lower the financial risk and generate more arts programming. We have produced numerous shows at venues where large, more expensive acts would not have performed due to the costs involved. As such, Community Productions helps ensure that music will continue to be performed at the Augusta Civic Center, our primary venue.


Community Productions works with area businesses who also believe in this mission and lend support by sponsoring Community Productions events and help minimize the financial risk involved with bringing major performances to the region.

Contact Us

For information on how to get involved with Community Productions, please reach out to:
Dick Dyer
Gary Poulin

Upcoming Community Events

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